Saturday, 10 December 2011

Final XM Just Around The Corner

[big OMG]

In other words, cuti sem pun juz around the corner bebeh!
Will heading to another bz weeks.
Pack with assignment, final project, test(S)..
xlama botak la kepala aku mcm ni
Nvm, time study week, got 2weeks gap bfore 1st paper
wil take some time to catch up a good movie, hangout dgn mmber
kasi hilang stress jap.. (KONON - stress sgt ka ko?) :p

homesick.missed my hommies TT.TT

By FaA Jae

Thursday, 8 December 2011

[111125] 2PM Hands Up Tour MALAYSIA

25/11 - The HOTTEST day in Malaysia. Well, yes as 6 beastly idol held their concert on 25th. Since I am concert-holic, Im not letting this opportunity just go away. Honestly, Im not a HOTTEST but I have a feeling that this concert will be a blast. XD. Concert go-go!!~~

D-DAY : We arrived a lil bit late and when we arrived at the concert venue..a lot of HOTTEST already start queue-ing in front of the door. It almost like u were in the boxing ring during few minutes before the door was opened. Everyone was too excited n some started pushing / shouting bla bla. Yo, calm down ur tits k. This was first time I experienced this kind of "WWE" situation. Man beside me was so loud. Keep on shouting, keep on pushing everyone using his "superduper-spartakook-" arms. FCUK, sakit la!Sabar la skit.I was too anxious waiting for the door to be open so that I can escape from the chaos. -Omitting unnecessary part-

The concert star around 9PM - late one hour from the schedule but its ok.I mean, HOTTEST can wait for sure.. they've been waiting for a year(sss) for the PM-boys to come so why not waiting for 1hour more? Aaaa before the concert start, we saw KHUN's family (well, my ex-in law *dalam mimpi*) on VVIP zone in front of my zone. I recognize Cherrin, Nichan n Omonim. They were nice, polite n keep on smiling n giv some pose when people shouting their names. Khun's mom - I love her. She even took our pics. How cute was that? All of them were good looking (damn they were possesed wit a good germ in blood - sooo damn good looking!)

Khun's brotha

omo omonim, y so cute?

The curtain finaly touched down, and everyone was shouted to the max. LOL,me - no exceptional. This is what a concert means, shouted/fangirling/take tons of perv pics(it wil b good if u record it) /sing-along and dun forget to shake off ur lightstick like there is no tmr. They sang 25songs n sorry I dun remember the songlist but Im very glad that most of the song was my fav song from their album. My fav was Back2u,I love this song n Im sooo suprised to see the performance. Beyond my expectation. OMA too much too handle. My mind completely blank during the entire performance. I didnt even took any pics or vids during the perf, I was to focused on the boys. abs, there skin, there touchy, there touchy.and the choreo..mak enuf to make me drooling non-stop (eee jijik nya ayat aku ni. haha). i kept on staring Wooyoung, "ang ang" u r not baby anymore, u r damn fine-howwwtt man rite now. For those who havent saw the perf, go quickly on those fancam. believe me, its pretty worth to watch. XD

yeah, put ur hands up baby

Jun.k was good in live. It was my first time listening to his solo tracks - ALIVE- . I thought the song wil probably like a ballad song since he was so good in ballad, but it turned out to b a fast beat song. It actually come out very good, oh man he can rap. Jun.k really know how to rock the stage. And he did it with a style. "Alive" was on my current playlist that I always listen too. Good Job JUNSU..well done! Junho, yay. He reminds me of Rain Bi. they passed to be a sibling. But of course both of them have different charm. Junho can speak Malay very well. His pronunciation sounds like a local people. And as for KHUN.TAEC,CHAN - this trio undeniable good looking.As for Wooyoung, he lost his baby fat cheek. But stil look cute. AngAng!~~


Wooyoung. [jeles tgk milywhiteskin,puti nya ko]

During the encore, my fav part in every concert. Why? Bcoz this is the time where the main performer got to interact closely with the crowd. I touched Wooyoung's hand, n got to see live Taec && Woo ssanti dance. wuwauwaaaa..Junsu throw a towel which is accidentally/coincidentally landed on my head. YAY, i got the towel directly from JUN.K but NAY, everyone pulled my hair and smack down my head just to get the towel. Berebut sgt smpai kepala org pun korg sepak.

Junho almighty pose



I touched his hand k. *xcuci tgn slama 3hari*

Taec's ssanti dance

Tuala yg menjadi rebutan ramai

Sebagai penutup sari berita utama, this concert was undeniable fun as if you were in the party mode. Puas cuci mata tgk sesi pameran abs. Sekian, kamsahamnida ^__^

tgn itu..oo tgn itu!

By FaA Jae

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Big Bang : Popular ?

Ni alkisah yang aku mau kongsi brsama. Emmm...based on my opinion, BB ni mmg FEMES gila
Org gila pun xfemes mcm ni (out of topic) . Hahaha.

Tp time aku p fetch (aku ka yg fetch dorg??? lol) GTopRi d KLIA aritu, byk sgt org curious psl BB ni. First jom yoyoyocekiawut conversation aku dgn sorg makcik and anak dia

(Situasi satu = 2minit selepas GTopRi lesap dr KLIA)
Makcik : Dik..dik..kenapa org jerit2 tu?
Aku : Orang tgh gembira lepas jumpa artis
Anak Makcik : Oww yg di keliling guard td tu erk? yg 3-5org lelaki tu?"

Aku : a'ah...yeyeye..dorg la tu
Makcik : dr mana tu? Thailand? China ke?

Aku : eh2..bkn Thai makcik..Korea tu
Makcik : yeke dik..ooooo(panjang "oooo" dia...) dorg kat balai dlm tu dgn rombongan ktorg..
mmg nampak segak arr... tak tau pulak dorg tu artis
Aku : monolog dlman (segak?? :) tersenyum bangga aku yoooo)

Situasi dua : tem tgu Hongki smpai..guard tiba2 dtg bdiri sblah aku)
Guard : ----senyum----
Aku :----senyum balik..sedekah ----
Guard : Ni sekali join budak2 kejar artis korea ke?

Aku : eh...xla...tgah tgu mak kwn saya (tipu sunat..cover line.. :p)

Guard : oooo..tau tak td ada BigBang datang?
Aku : aaa...(angguk2)..

Guard : Byk juga peminat dorg. tp tak pernah dengar pun BigBang

Aku : Bigbang tu femes la.....

Guard: Super Junior brula best.. tu mmg femes arrr

Aku : BB ni mmg dah lama femes juz di Msia pengaruh tu br smpai kot. kan dorg xpernah dtg Msia lg..tu la xrmai yg ter-exposed psl BB ni

Guard : yeke? mungkin la jgak kot. ktorg tau cz stiap kali dak Super Junior dtg..msti ktorg kena bjaga..peminat kompem rmai sgt..tula ktorg tau pasal super junior ni

Aku : oooo ye ke? dah nmpk Bigbang td, buat la research psl dorg. Kompem nnti u pun rsa dorg best jgak..k la..mnta diri dlu ye..nak ke toilet... (alasan untuk melarikn diri)

Situasi tiga : dlm tandas..tgh bajet cun dpan cermin)
Amoi comel : Excuse me, do u know who juz arrived juz now?

Aku : juz now?? aaa...Korean singer, Bigbang

Amoi comel : Bigbang??? Really??? (sambil buat muka terkejut)

Aku :'s them

Amoi comel : Why they r here in KL?
Aku : for Korean Music Wave 2011, tonite at 7pm Amoi : OMG!! My fren ask me yesterday if i want to go wit her to the concert or not..but i say no...i dint knw BB was the lineup

Aku : aiyaaa..u better ask her again whther she stil got extra tix or not. U can't juz missed this oppurtinity..Its BB uknow!!~~ (akhirnya...dpt juga ak jmpa org yg mmg kenal BB)

Amoi : yea yea...i better call her rite now...i hope she stil hav it, I want to see BB perform
Fiction live. THANKS..bye~~~ ( trus bgegas kluar toilet smbil menekan hp) Aku: Bye ....(eh japppp! fiction????? tu bkn lagu beast ka?) lol

Kesimpulan nya. Bigbang ni mmg nama besar juz d Malaysia baru kali ni datang perform. Tu la mkcik2, uncle2, abang2, kakak2 masi x acknowledge psl dorg. Harap2 lepas ni, rajin2 la Papa YG hantar Bigbang p Malaysia. Biar satu Malaya gugugaga psl dorg. Bru dorg tau efek VIPs ni. hehe.

Bigshow Malaysia plzzzz.......


By FaA Jae

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

[110924] Korean Music Wave Festival 2011

Meeting my hubby!!!
Omaaagahhhh! from this moment, im goin to ditch Heechul juz for TOP!!
Sohee sshi, u can take Heechul by urself. He's no longer mine..LOL

Where should I start? Ok, let me start wit my "STALKING HUBBY MISSION" at the airport. I was told that they wil arrive on 24th morning. Early in the morning I was standing in front of departure hall. But no glimpse of Big Bang in KLIA. WAITIN..N WAITIN...until I saw the organiser car (they're goin to fetch BB!!) and around 12 pm.... HERE THEY COME!!

I saw a bunch of guards and a few Korean people walking straight to where I am standin (since I was standing near the organiser car with YGHYPE admin). The first person that caught my eyes was.... TOP! TOP in red Galiano jacket. It easy to recognize him since he's very tall and wearing bright color jacket. I was like "Is that true that..TOP standing few meter from me??" . When I hear people start screaming, its awaked me. Thanks thou! Didnt want to miss this opportunity to look him close up, I started running toward them and try to look him closely. Then I realize Gdragon was walking in front on Top. Gdragon was wearing checkers shirt, a cap and a pillow?? around his neck. He's has an average tall like Malaysian man but he sure got the SWAGGER AURA around him. He's cute and I am suprised that he has skinny cheek. I know he was skinny but I thought he still hav the baby fat cheek. But who care?? He's hot btw! And for my dearest Husband, TABBII...he's was wearing a shade (damn those shade!! blocking my way to see his charismatic eyes!!). and he was looking damn FINE! All of the Kpop artist that I met before, he was the one that looking perfectly fine. It feels like u lookin a doll. He seems like smile?/smirk? idk what it is..but u know..a gentle smile..the one that he always do recently..and it was HOT! Till now I can't stop thinking bout him. Call me bein a delusional but yes, I am crazy bout TOP! MUAHAHA. I couldn't take a nice picture of them. my hand was feet becoming jelly (sorry for the HYPERBOLA-ness). It was all blurry! *sigh* I thought Seungri will come in next flite because I don't see him, but my friend told me that he was walking in front of the pack. In front of GD&TOP. oooww can I missed seein u...?? Aigooo yaaa..


Next, I'm waiting for Hongki since the organizer staff hav told us that Hongki will be arrive later. After gettin my meal, I waiting for Hongki. When Hongki arrived, I couldnt recognize him first. But my friend started running towards him (he's HONGKI BIG FAN)..then I Hongki. He's hella cute i tell u! Wit apple hair and he got perm hair. It was cute and he keep on bowing to the fans and smiling. arrghhh Hongki yaaa... n this time, I got my fancam and close up pic of him (too bad n i dun hav any fancam of GTOPRI arrival)

He's cute, isnt he?

And for the concert, first act was FT Island - Hello Hello. Hongki's voice --> its sure will melt u. those husky it! and we hav TeenTop, 4MINUTE, UKISS, Park Jungmin and finaly....its V.I time!! everyone started to scream and jump rite from the seat. Awww I love this boy. He sure now how to give a best fanservice. I'm happy to hear when he said "Malaysian fans BAGUS. SANGAT BAGUS" means Malaysian fans are good, really good. Proud to be Malaysian VIPS. I got to see my other crush - Kwon Youngdon aka Dony. Dony aaahhh...why so cute?? When GD&TOP showtime, it was a total chaos. Not really a bad chaos. It just everyone started to stand on their chair and few of them running to the front ( included myself) to watch GTOP a lil bit close up. It was an awesome performance and I love when they seem like they enjoying their time on stage and not faking it.They just enjoying singing on stage. They really know how to make the crowd hyper. I really love their perf to the max! All of the Kpop concert that I've been, this is the best stage performance ever. Its not like I saying it because I am a Vips but this is surely a best moment in my life. I was dancing and enjoyed through their performance. Not even once I feel like "ooo..when this wil b over??". U know, sometimes I tend to hav those feeling when attending a concert...but this is so good that u even want moreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *lets pray for BigShow in Malaysia and hope 2NE1 will come here too" AMIN






REPEAT IT AGAIN - All of the concert that I attend, this is the BEST EVER!
No word can describe how awesome it is
U juz hav to be there to feel the momento!
It was a blast.
By FaA Jae

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jumpa IU dan kekasih hati

daddong! bkn article IU marshmallow tu
ni psl one of my bestie yg muka ala2 IU..
perangai pun lebi kurang mcm Kim PilSuk
ni last min pya plan, gathering mmber kamceng tem zmn sek rendah
tmpat = Restaurant Seafood d Anjung Ketam
manusia yg datang

IU - Ifah yg comel (baju purple)
Suzy - Zai yg cantik ( tdung itam dkt blkg)
Sulli - Fad yg anggun ( baju pink tudung htam)
PEMINAT SETIA IU SUZY YOONA - aku ( cardi merah puti)

sementara tgu azan bkumandang utk buka puasa,
pa lg? sesi bgmbar la..haha..
DSLR xda, pkai hp pun bole maaaa
view dkt tmpat tu mmg cntik..
tepi laut..ROMANTIK!!
time tu lg matahari mau tbenam..wuaaaa...mmg cantik!

view dblkg lawa..aku n IU brebut mau bgambar

bab kmi order
ketam masak telur masin pling sedap!!!
ada udang, ikan, sayur, sotong
tp jgn risau..suma hbis d licinkn oleh kmi..ngeee

-bgmbar stelah kekenyangan-

lpas mkn, bab bgosip..gossip girl!
ketawa n ketawa...mmg exercise otot perut ni..
tp mmg best la mngimbau kenangan dlu2..
lgpun kmi suma jrg dpt kumpul..
tp Ifah dgn Fad buat sketsa annoyin orange pling DAEBAK
aku n zai mampu ketawa smpi air mata mngalir. (hiperbola juga aku ni)
tp mmg best la jmpa bestie lama..
lpas ni, keep in touch k dear suma..
love ya~~

posing copy n paste

ps--- aku curik gmbar dr fb Zai&Fad..

By FaA Jae